The following are some of the leaders of our community of faith.

Our Clergy

The Right Reverend Susan J.A. Bell, Bishop of Niagara

The Venerable Dr. David J. Anderson, Rector and Archdeacon of Hamilton-Haldimand

The Reverend Canon Dr. Brian Ruttan, Honorary Assistant

Fran Wallace, Student Intern

Parish Officers

ChurchwardensSteve Doucet Campbell, Bonnie Munn, Leigh Macklin, Margaret Wilding. Brian Samson, Treasurer

Parish Council. David Anderson, Deborah Bowen, Mary Donkin, Steve Doucet Campbell, Jacob Chodoriwsky, Beth Green, Matthew Lee, Susan Little, Leigh Macklin, Bonnie Munn, Geoffrey Purdell-Lewis, Patricia Troughton, Sarah Wayland, Margaret Wilding, Lynda Winter.

Administrative Team

Frances Ward, Parish Administrator

Lynda Winter, Volunteer Coordinator

Sue Samson, Concert Administrator

Ruth Sutherland, Donations Secretary

Worship Team

Licensed Lay Readers and Catechists. John Bowen, Beth Green, Matthew Lee, Susan Little.

Paul Grimwood, Organist and Choirmaster

Aaron Powell, Director of Discovery Service Music

Sue Newbery, Choir Librarian

Sue Samson, Worship Band Administrator

Stephen Fielding, Welcome Team Coordinator (Early Service)

Judith Purdell-Lewis, Welcome Team Coordinator (Discovery Service), Chair of Messy Church Coordinating Team

Hal Devins and Bonnie Munn, Welcome Team Coodinators (Choral Service)

Susan Little and Susanne Adams, Prayer Team Coordinators. 

Standing Committees

Greening. Emma Cubitt, Norm Newbery, Patricia Troughton, David Anderson (ex-officio).

Stewardship. Sarah Wayland (Convenor), Graham Cubbit, Gillian Doucet-Campbell, Susan Little, David Anderson (ex-officio)

Property. Kathy Anderson (convenor), Mary Donkin, Tom Fleming, Andrew Hornby, Steve McKay, Bonnie Munn (churchwarden), Norm Newbery, David Anderson (ex-officio).

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Visitors Susan Little, Patricia Troughton.