From January to June of last year, parishioners at St. John’s participated in a Mission Action Planning process (MAP). We met four times on Zoom to pray, discuss, and discern who God is calling us to be and how God is calling us to serve as a faith community. Out of that process, we came up with five ministry ideas that we would like to implement at St. John’s in 2022-2023.

  1. Faith Development Courses: Developing and/or offering short courses to help parishioners learn about faith (e.g., Anglicanism 101, Revive, Basic Christianity courses). 
  2. Community Building: Building a sense of community and cohesion within our congregation and bring together the three cultures reflected in our three worship services (e.g., fellowship opportunities, welcoming initiatives)
  3. Spiritual Gifts Inventory: Making use of a spiritual gifts inventory to assist congregation members in finding the best fit for the spiritual gifts, interests, and talents
  4. Developing Partnerships: Connecting with other congregations in the neighbourhood with the goal of serving together.
  5. Clarifying Neighbourhood Needs: Clarifying the needs of the neighbourhood as identified by our neighbours, rather than our best guess at what they might need. We are in the early stages of planning how to implement each of these initiatives.

If you have ideas, talents, resources, helping hands, experience, or just feel called by God to help with one of these initiatives this year, please contact Emily Hill (  

To read the whole MAP report, please click here.