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The churches in the ‘Kirk’endall area that prayed together at the World Day of Prayer service in March, invite you to join us to pray and to share ideas.  It has been good to get together with members of the other churches, Melrose, St Joe’s and the Christ the King Cathedral. 

This event will be only only hour and the format is

  • Opening Prayer and introductions; each church rep to introduce others from their church and then to tell what they are up to (our fundraiser!).
  • Sharing Time will be spring salad/drink ideas, so please bring it along if you have a good one, and an Earth Day tip to share.  
  • We will finish with Prayer, thanks or concerns from each church, so if you have any please let me know before Friday.
  • Finally I will be doing the closing prayer and leading the Lord’s prayer, which will be on the screen so I won’t forget the words as I did last time we were in the cathedral!  

All Welcome and please pass this on to others who may be interested.  Join Zoom Meeting

Judith, [email protected]