“Nursing through Covid: the Challenges and Opportunities,”

Hearts and Minds held on September 11, 2020 ,

St. John’s hosted its first virtual Hearts and Minds.  Our topic was “Nursing through Covid: the Challenges and Opportunities,” and we had a thought-provoking discussion via Zoom. 

Our panel included: Jenna Bowering, a registered midwife working with mothers and their babies, Brittany Friesen, a registered nurse working in surgical oncology and a special media appearance from Priscilla Clarence, a registered nurse working in Hamilton.  We also had the pleasure of hearing experiences from Marilyn, Brittany’s grandmother, and also a nurse working in a long-term care facility and Susanne Adams, a retired dialysis nurse who shared their experiences and perspectives during the discussion. 

While they expressed the toll that extra safety precautions and limited contact with family and friends have had on their lives and mental health, they also mentioned how gestures of gratitude by the public renewed their spirits.  There is an encouraging sense of community and connectedness amid the isolation as we work as a collective body to fight this virus.  To hear more about their stories of struggle, hope and resilience, you can click the link below to watch a recording of the session. 

Stay tuned for details on our next Hearts and Minds on October 2nd to hear about Mission to Seafarer’s at Hamilton’s Port!