As a way of welcome, we would like to answer some frequenty asked questions.

What's it like?

If you come to worship with us you will find a community of people responding to God's goodness and love for the world. We respond to God by seeking to join God in what is doing in our neighbourhoods, city, and world. Our life of worship begins as we gather together in church, but importantly, it continues in our daily lives.

Variety of worship styles. We worship in a variety of ways, some more traditional and others more informal. All of our worship services have the same basic shape. We gather in God's name. We listen to God's through reading and reflecting on holy scripture (the Bible). We respond to God. We are sent to join God in God's redemptive work. Most of our worship services include music. 

  • Early Service. Our Early Service begins at 8:15AM in the Chapel of Saint Michael and Saint George. It is a quiet service without any music and the liturgy is Holy Eucharist from the classic Anglican tradition of the Book of Common Prayer. 
  • Discovery Service. The Discovery Service takes place most Sunday's through the year at 9:30AM. It is a more boisterous service with music led by a worship band. The liturgy is a less formal service of Holy Eucharist. 
  • Choral Service. The Choral Service takes place most Sunday's through the year at 11AM. This service draws from the very best of the classic Anglican choral and liturgical traditions and features our fine SATB choir. Most Sundays are celebrations of Holy Eucharist. 
  • Wednesday Service. Our Wednesday service happens in the church proper and is a service of Holy Eucharist in the tradition of the Book of Common Prayer with hymns.
  • The Divine Office. We also meet occasionally for daily prayer. The Divine Offices of Morning or Evening Prayer are said in the Chapel of Saint Michael and Saint George as scheduled. 

Sacramental life. Our Sunday worship usually includes a celebration of the Holy Eucharist. In the Eucharist we take gifts of bread and wine and give thanks to God in the way that Jesus taught us. All people who seek to be followers of Jesus are welcome to receive the bread and wine. People receiving simply come forward at the appropriate time. To recieve the bread simply hold out your hands to receive the bread from the priest. We receive the wine from a common cup. To receive the wine, kindly grasp the cup from the bottom and assist the minister in guiding the cup to your lips. 

Those who seek to follow Jesus and their children are encouraged to receive Holy Baptism if they have never been baptized. Baptism is the way in which we welcomed into the family of the people of God. If you would like to be baptized, please speak with the Rector.

What about my kids?

Children are welcome at all of our worship services. Children's Church runs concurrently with our Discovery and Choral services on Sundays. Normally children remain in the church for the beginning of the service and move to a special program during the time for the readings and reflection (sermon). Children normally join the rest of the worshipping community for the sharing of the Holy Eucharist.

Where do I park?

We can admit that this can be a little tricky since the church does not have its own parking lot. There is street parking on Charlton Avenue West, Locke Street South, and adjacent streets. Many of our people walk or ride their bicycles to church. If you are driving, we encourage you to leave a little extra time to find parking. People can be dropped off in front of the church despite the presence of the cycling lane. There is a lot behind the Starbucks on Locke Street, a short walk away.

What do I wear?

There is no dress code. Wear what is comfortable for you. Very few people "dress up" for church these days. We encourage you to come as you are. 

How can I get connected?

There are a number of ways to get connected.

  • Complete a Connect Card. If you come to worship you will find a Connect Card in the seating area. We encourage you to fill out the welcome card as a way of sharing your information with us. 
  • Come to coffee hour following the service.
  • Join a small group.
  • Come along to one of our welcome orientation such as "Welcome to Saint John's," "Anglicanism 101," or "Christianity 101."
  • Consider being baptised, renewal of baptismal promises, reception, or confirmation and talk with the Rector.

How do I become a member?

It is easier than you might imagine. Anglicans don't really know anything about formal membership. If you are here, you are a member. If you attend worship here, and if you support the parish financially, you already qualify as a voting member of our Vestry (similar to a congregational meeting). 

Please share your information with us so that we can share our information with you.