Parish News, Church of Saint John the Evangelist
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What does it look like?

 First Prayer team assembles just as communion distribution of the bread and wine is happening.   We suggest you receive your communion first.

 Where it happens.

 The people who are going to help in praying a need will be waiting at the back of the church in the Baptistry

 How does a person ask for prayer?

 Go back to the baptistry and approach the Praying Team.  If someone is already there, wait just out of ear shot or take a seat in the last pew.

 Secondly, speak in a natural way as if you were telling a friend.  The person on the Praying Team will take it from there.

 Then, the praying team will pray with you.  At the end when they say “Amen”, you may be asked if you want some other help.

 What other help is available after I have prayed?

 You can ask for it to go onto the Parish Prayer Chain.

 You can ask for it to go into the Sunday list for intercessions.   For privacy, only first names are used on both the Parish Prayer Chain and the Sunday list.

 You may want a visit from our Rector or even the laying on of hands and anointing with oil.

 Who will know about my prayer request?

 If desired, no one but you and the praying team will know.  They are under commissioning to keep strict confidence about their ministry.

 If you have otherwise asked for further action, as listed above, the rector and any clergy working along with him will be the only ones who know.