The Venerable Dr. David Anderson
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During these anxious days while we make our way through the corona virus pandemic, we want to offer a gathering place for spiritual resources. I've asked our staff and ministry leaders to send along things to share. Look for posts in our blog area of this website with the same image of these votive candles as in this news post. 

By the way, here's why I chose this image. Perhaps you have seen votive candles like these when you have visited a church or cathedral. People light candles as a prayer. The candle tends to burn longer than we can linger in prayer ourselves, but the burning candle continues to stand for us. They are a type of virtual presence. During these days with precautions in light of the pandemic, we are not able to gather. But like these candles, we are able to be virtually present with one another. 

Let's use this website as a way to connect and our Facebook group as a way to keep in touch. 

Watch this site for the vigil candles. 

Peace be with you.