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Volunteers are needed as we move to accomodate increasing attendance at our Sunday worship services.

Worshippers are returning to in-person participation on Sunday mornings. With several newcomers and visitors attending each week, we find that we are reaching the maximum number of persons we are able to accomodate in the building under our COVID-19 protocols. In order to accomodate increasing attendance, we hope to add a service to our Sunday morning routine, bringing the number of Sunday morning worship services to two.

As we prepare to move to two Sunday services, we also realize that some parishioners are still reluctant to return to in-person worship due to safety concerns. We need to ensure that we have sufficient volunteers to make this transition. This is a good time to renew our Sunday worship volunteer base. 

A number of volunteers are needed at each service, including,

  • Greeters (ushers) who welcome worshippers, make them feel at home, and assist us with COVID-19 protocols;
  • Acolytes (servers) who assist the clergy at the altar; 
  • Readers and Intercessors who read the scriptures and the intercessions in the service for the assembly; 
  • Counters who assist with counting and record-keeping for offerings received on Sunday mornings in the form of cash or cheque;
  • Technicians who assist with monitoring of sound, video, and livestream. 

With the authorization of vaccinations for children, we hope that children's programming for Sunday mornings will soon return. We also look forward to a time when our fellowship over coffee will be restored following services. The commencment of these elements will also require volunteers as

  • Children's Church teachers, who lead children in worship and learning on Sunday mornings during both services; and
  • Coffee Hosts, who look after the hospitality following our services.

There is training available for all of these roles. Volunteers are scheduled on a rotating basis an in most cases serve less than once each month. 

The interim arrangement for Sunday services is likely to include our Discovery Service (with the Worship Band) at 9:30AM and our Choral Service (with organ and the Parish Choir) at 11AM. The addition of other opportunties and the timing of services will all be explored in due time.

Please let us know of your willingness to volunteer.