Church Office
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 In the Anglican Cycle of prayer, we pray for The Church of the Province of Uganda

In our Diocese of Niagara, we pray for our Bishop, The Right Reverend Susan Bell;   Christ’s Church Cathedral, Hamilton, the Very Reverend Dr. Tim Dobbin, Rector and Dean of Niagara; the Reverend Jeff Potter, Priest Associate; the Right Reverend David Ralph Spence, Pastoral Assistant; the Right Reverend Dr. Terry Brown, Honorary Assistant; the Reverend Dr. Eric Griffin, Honorary Assistant; the Reverend Canon Dr. Sharyn Hall, Honorary Assistant; the Reverend Canon J. Lefebvre, Honorary Assistant; the Venerable Lynne Marchant, Honorary Assistant; the Reverend Canon William Thomas, Honorary Assistant, and the people of that parish.

In our parish cycle of prayer, we pray for Alison, Marjorie,  Peter, Margaret, Kiri, Patrick, Hal, Adrienne and Mary.

In our neighbourhood, we pray for First Christian Reformed Church Pastor Hayden Regeling, and the people of that congregation

Those in our parish for whom our prayers are requested, we pray for Olga, Geoffrey, Daniela, Eduardo, little Clarissa, 

In our outreach and missions supported by SJE, we pray for Micah House

In our groups and organizations within SJE, we pray for The choir and its director Paul Grimwood