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Saint John's about to Cautiously Resume In-person Worship

You will need to preregister using the link on the event page for all services of worship beginning with Sunday, October 4, at 10AM, and throughout the "amber stage" of the pandemic. Preregistration is required so that we can plan for adequate seating with physical distancing. To register, visit the upcoming Sunday's page in the event section of this website.

Parishioners and members of the public who are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus are reminded that public health authorities continue to advise caution and suggest that staying home and avoiding crowds remains the best protection against infection. In order to support those who should continue to stay home, Saint John's is committed to continue our livestreaming of services.

Our plan and goal is to livestream the same 10AM Sunday service that some worshippers will be attending in-person. Readers, Intercessors, and others who volunteer to lead in various ways in worship may do so live in-person, or may arrange with the rector to prerecord their segment either privately at the church or from the safety of their own home in case they are uncomfortable to attend worship in-person. No one should feel pressured to attend in-person and all should be free to participate as they are willing and able.

All worshippers attending in-person will be required to wear a non-medical mask which covers the nose, mouth, and chin within the church. Before coming to church, worshippers are asked to self-screen for symptoms of COVID-19, and if they feel unwell in any way, to remain home and seek medical advice. 

Safety protocols will be in place outside and within the church in order to ensure physical distancing, mask-wearing, and good hand hygiene. Holy Eucharist (bread only) will be admistered with great care to those who wish to receive. No congregational singing will be permitted, however, music will be provided in the service. There will be no children's program and no "fellowship" before or after service.

All of these plans remain tentative as the realities in our community are ever changing. While community spread of the virus is on the increase, the evidence seems to indicate that infections are spiking largely due to settings that are uncontrolled, where safety protocols are not being adhered to. Our plan for gathering intends to provide safety for those who attend. So far, public health officials are not indicating that there will be renewed restrictions in settings such as churches where controls are in place. We continue to monitor the situation carefully for our own safety and that of our neighbours, especially those most vulnerable.