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Plans are moving forward to re-open the church for in-person worship on August 22. We will begin by offering one Sunday service only at 10AM in the Church Proper. 

All worshippers will be asked to self-screen for symptoms of COVID-19 before coming to worship. All worshippers will be required to wear a mask covering the nose, mouth, and chin, unless they are medically exempt. There will be no congregational singing, nor any children's program. The same worship service will be livestreamed on Facebook for those who are not able to join us in-person for any reason. Attendance in the church will be limited to fifty persons, so all worshippers will be asked to preregister for worship, using registration form on the parish website. Registration will also help us to facilitate contact tracing in case it is needed. The link to the registration form can be found on the event page for the Sunday in question.

While there will be no congregational singing, we do hope to have music. While the liturgy will remain the same at the 10AM services for now, the musical styles will alternate week by week.

If you have any questions about the cautious reopening of the church for in-person worship, please speak to a member of our reopening committee: Margaret Wilding, Bonnie Munn, or David Anderson.