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St John's Partnership Opportunity as Volunteers and Financial Support are Needed

Christ's Church Cathedral will open a Warming and Resting Centre as a COVID-19 outreach ministry with an at-risk group in our community. We are urgently compelled to love and called to action during this pandemic, winter season and time of housing crisis. It is necessary to implement a program to safely support our vulnerable neighbours and offer community, compassion and hope which is the mission of Christ’s Church Cathedral. Individuals that may visit the centre are possibly living on the streets, in tents/camps, hostels or a residential care facility. Christ’s Church Cathedral will open its doors as a Warming and Resting Centre on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10AM to 12PM.

Operation of the Warming and Resting Centre will provide a physically distanced area, for up to ten persons at a time, for resting, use of washrooms and providing light refreshments in doors.

To learn more, please read the letter from our Cathedral here.