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SMH has some exciting news to share; Our program is now known as the Holiday Hope Program; helping families and seniors thrive this season! I am so grateful to help bring your generosity and magical spirit back into our community. Last year more than 800 households enjoyed a holiday meal and were surprised by some unbelievable gifts! The families and seniors felt the love and enjoyed their holidays knowing that you were there for them through the hardships and the joys.

There are three ways we can donate to the Holiday Hope Program.

  1. You can adopt a specific senior. We have more seniors that need adopting.  We will match you with a senior and provide you with their specific wish list.To sponsor a senior, we suggest a $50 grocery gift card (please purchase through the SJE Shopping Card program) and up to $75 for the items requested. The list is there as a guide. But you are free to purchase things as you see fit. Please put the UNWRAPPED gifts in a gift bag or reusable shopping bag. We hope to be able to fill at least 10 gift bags for seniors. If you are able to do one please contact Gillian Webster or the church office for information about "your Senior". 
  2. You can donate a variety of gift cards or by making a monetary donation. This method helps ensure that all families and seniors get sponsored, especially those last minute Emergency Appointments.
  3. You may simply choose to donate NEW clothing and toys. These items go to families or seniors who come to us after registration ends or for the Emergency Appointments.

All bags and other gifts should be brought to the church on Sunday December 12 during morning services or during office hours the week before. those wishing a tax receipt for Gifts in Kind should include the receipts in an envelope with their full contact information.