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 As we head into the summer, when many like to enjoy some extra reading, welcome to our very own library!  

Would you like to pick up the biography of a well-known Christian? Or perhaps a book that will help you to try a new way of prayer or bible-study, or give you new ideas about church renewal?  

We presently have over 420 books in our little church library, and now that they're all catalogued you can find out what they are, at                  

If you check "tags," you will discover what our present sections are, and what we have in each section. This is of course a work-in-progress, but we hope you will at least be able to find something of interest already!

  • Take a moment to go down into the room off the crypt after one of our church services, and please feel free to browse and borrow.
  • We ask only that you write your name, the date, and the book title in the little notebook on the shelves in the library -- and we'd encourage you to return the book within three weeks.

In praise of good reading -- Deborah, Leslie, Judith, Debbie, and John