The Venerable Dr. David Anderson
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We are very happy to welcome Shakiba (Khadijah's preferred name) and her two daughters, ages 27 and 20, to Canada, their new home. The family is most appreciative of the generosity and support extended to them by our rector the Ven. David Anderson and a team of twelve volunteers from Saint John’s and the surrounding community.

The women are living in a temporary residence and will move into their permanent home November 1, 2020. Many tasks are underway to establish access to banking, language and medical services. Volunteers are actively promoting the family’s independence by helping them learn how to shop for groceries and become familiar with the HSR.

Donations of various kinds are most welcome. Financial contributions are needed and can be made on-line for your convenience on the St John’s website. Click the button below and choose "Refugee Sponsorship" from the dropdown menu. Thank you for your interest.

A fundraiser is planned for December 2020. There will be more information provided about this later.

The women are in immediate need of warm clothing for rain and winter weather. Furniture and many household items are necessary. Shakiba particularly enjoys baking cakes and would like a sewing machine for mending clothes. The daughters will need small desks as they plan to continue their education.

Everyone wishing to donate articles of clothing or household items is urged to provide a description & photo to Barbara Ruttan at Doners are asked to hold onto their items until needed.

Barbara Ruttan
Refugee Settlement Project Coordinator