The Venerable Dr. David Anderson
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We have recently heard from Canadian government officials making inquiries about the possibility of quarantining the Iranian refugees we are sponsoring for fourteen days in the community. It seems that the government of Canada is now recommencing with refugee settlement after a hiatus during the pandemic emergency. Saint James Anglican Church recently welcomed a family that they are sponsoring. 

Our rector has been in touch with the family we are sponsoring and needless to say they are very excited about the prospect of travelling to begin their new life among us. 

The family consists of three women, a mother and her two daughters. The eldest daughter is interested in continuing her studies in materials engineering, and the youngest, in returning to finish her highschool diploma. The young women are also very interested in the arts.

Their parish priest, in Ankara where they presently reside, describe them as active and enthusiastic members of that Anglican parish community. 

Ideally, we are seeking a short-term housing situation for these women so that they can be involved in choosing their own more long-term accomodation. During their fourteen day quarantine, we will as a parish organize to ensure they are supplied with all that they need. If you should happen to be aware of a short-term housing opportunity for these women, please contact David Anderson,

The youngest daughter has shared some of her artwork. See below.