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Exciting News

We have had very exciting news from our Iranian friends currently living in Ankara, Turkey. They have heard from officials from the International Organization for Migration, who make arrangements for refugees travelling to Canada. They have been told that on September 21 they will trave to Istanbul for a set of orientation classes, following which, the next day, September 22 they will depart Istanbul for Toronto and on to Hamilton.

On our end we will now be busy making arrangements. The first and almost immediate need is to find accommodation where the three women will be able to keep a fourteen day quarantine. It is not necessary that it be an entirely separate house, however, they will need private space. The wearing of masks together with sanitization protocols are considered sufficient precautions while travelling through the common areas of a house. The key thing about a quarantine is that the women will not be permitted to leave the premises for the full fourteen days.

There is an immediate need for temporary housing.

There may also be a need for other temporary housing beyond the immediate fourteen days while the women are able to look for a more permanent housing solution. We are keen to involve the women in choosing their own accommodation for at least the first year.

A call for volunteers. As soon at the details of this travel date are confirmed to us we will announce a town hall meeting by Zoom video conference for interested volunteers. Not only will the women be shopping for accommodation, but they will be seeking to be oriented to our wonderful city. They will want to learn the transit system, find a family physician, dentist, and other professional services. They will need to set up their own bank accounts. The eldest daughter is looking forward to returning to studies in materials engineering. The youngest daughter looks forward to resuming high school. Volunteers will be needed to assist with all of these tasks.

There will also be a financial need. During the COVID-19 crisis we have not been able to do all of the fundraising that we might have normally done. We are hoping to raise $20,000. 

We welcome partners in this work! Partners need not share our religious commitments; just a desire to assist and care for our new neighbours. There are many ways to participate. We would welcome your financial donations to the cause and will provide a charitable givings receipt for income tax purposes; simply click on the green button below and complete the form with your credit card information on our secure site. We would welcome you to volunteer. We invite you to volunteer by filling out the contact form below.  

Thank you for your interest.

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We would love to have your information so we can tell you more about how you can be involved. Don't worry; we won't give your information to anyone else. We respect your privacy. Please do fill out the form below and we will let you know more about volunteer opportunities.