Parish News, Church of Saint John the Evangelist
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  • 10AM. Introductions, registration
  • 10:15AM. Rain Garden / Pollinator talk with Garrett + Michael
  • 10:30AM. Tasks: plants / shrubs, mulching, trees 11:45 AM Wrap-up
  • 12PM. Take down / clean up 

Register here or on the day. Closed-toed shoes required at all times. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather!

There will be refreshments including water, but Please bring your own reusable water bottles to keep waste down. In addition, if you have any gardening tools from your home you are welcome to bring them along (e.g., garden gloves, shovels, hard rakes, buckets or wheelbarrows). We will have tools on hand, so no worries if you can't bring any!