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Saint John's has entered into an agreement with Green Venture, which is Hamilton's environmental education not-for-profit, to establish a rain garden. Saint John's was selected by Green Venture as an ideal site for their NATURhoods program, and for the Fall 2021 Extreme Green Makeover in Ward 1. The east end of our building, along Locke Street, will receive a green infrastructure (GI) makeover, adding two or more GI features where neighbours will be able to learn more about urban runoff and green infrastructure, while enjoying a new and improved green space. 

Examples of GI features include:

  • downspout redirection
  • rain barrels
  • rain gardens
  • xeriscaped garden
  • trees
  • permeable hardscaping.

St John's will be working with Green Venture's landscape architects to design the renewed space and the partnership will include opportunties for the community to learn more about GI. Green Venture makes this all possible through a grant provided by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

If you are interested in learning more, please speak with Norm Newbery, Bonnie Munn, or David Anderson.