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The Children's Ministry is leading a unique fundraising campaign to support the purchase of a donkey for a family in Kenya through the PWRDF World of Gifts.

For just $140, we can provide a donkey to carry fresh water for a family from a well that may be an hour or more away, reducing the unpaid work for women and children while also being a source of income by carrying water for others. 

On November 26, we learned the Bible Story about Sheep and Goats (Matthew 25:31-46): we learned that every time we care for others, we care for Jesus. Leading by example is an important part of our ministry, so I invite you and your family to help us.

Children have received donation boxes to collect their change and donations from family and friends. Also, at the back of the church there is a box with a donkey to collect donations to this cause during the weeks of Advent. There is a poster at the back of church where you can track our progress.

Spread the word, bring your change, and help us to fund a donkey