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The Just Art Fundraiser was a huge success financially and a wonderful celebration of local art. The total income was ~$15,000.00. This includes additional donations on the website. 

Big shout out of appreciation to Sarah Wayland and her team of volunteers for pulling this together and surmounting many challenges. 

All three of the women seem to be managing - even enjoying - their education classes.

The family is now well set up with clothes & household furnishings. The main issues now centre around health & dental care.   

Special thanks to:

  • Susanne and Judith for organizing the delivery of a small Christmas tree & some cat safe decorations.
  • Kathy or introducing the sisters to the cultural tradition of getting their picture taken with Santa (cardboard) on Locke St.
  • Kleri for taking them all to the RBG light show.  
  • everyone for supporting our family with your donations. Despite COVID, we have accomplished a great deal in three intense months. 

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