The Venerable Dr. David Anderson
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There are many, many reasons to consider your church giving during this time of crisis. 

  • Because God is good and we are thankful;
  • As an antidote to the human urge to be anxious about scarcity and to hoard and hunker down as a result;
  • Because we want to prevent a gap in this year's ministry support for the parish because of cancelled in-person gatherings;
  • To ensure the church has the funds to support parishioners and vulnerable neighbours;
  • To provide for reserve funds to cushion the inevitable effects of investment losses upon the budget now and in the future;
  • To support our family of refugees soon to arrive from Iran by the way of Turkey.

Visit our Giving page where you will find:

  • The opportunity to make an online one-time or repeating gift by credit card;
  • A form that can be filled out to enroll in preauthorized giving directly from your bank account.

Thank you for remembering Saint John's. In God's generous love, we will get through this together.