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About this study

The church is a kind of school. It is a school for Christians. The word, “Christian,” means 'little Christ'. Christians are disciples (students) of Jesus, and we are meant to become more like him through a process that we variously call Christian formation, spiritual formation, or Christian discipleship. We all know that some schools perform better than others. Congregations that develop or strengthen their habits of attending carefully to their life together do better. 

What are the sorts of practices and conversations that congregations should have that will help them focus on important matters and what habits will assist them in having such conversations? This study is offered as a way to think about our congregation and our life together. Our congregation will be the text that we will consider. Along the way we hope to orient our journey forward towards being a more faithful community of disciples of Jesus Christ.


Wednesdays, April 28 through June 9, 7:30 to 9PM.


The study will be held via Zoom. Registration will be made available in the Events section of this website shortly.

Register here.