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Campagn starting Friday March 3

 St John’s has long worked with our outreach partner ST MATTHEWS HOUSE (SMH) to provide canned goods and dried food to those who are in need in Hamilton. The Fresh Food Drive, in collaboration with Melrose United Church, enables us to add fresh fruit and vegetables to our donation.  

You may order vegetables from FIDDES WHOLESALE PRODUCE (FWP) who will delivery them to SMH on March 17 after the Fresh Food Drive, March 3-16. Specify that you are ordering as a member of St. John’s.  

You can order in person at FWP at 60 Ewen Road (turn left off Main Street West). Payment is by cash, cheque, or credit card.

You can order by phone at 905 570-7900, extension 1, leaving your name and phone number. Someone will phone you back and take your order. The prices may vary from that quoted below.   Alternatively, the SMH rep for St John’s, Duncan Appleford (905 379-6520), can take your cash or cheque payment to FWP and place your order, bringing back a receipt.  

The selected fruits and vegetables and their prices from FWP are as follows:

  • Royal Gala apples 100                       $63.50
  • Carrots                  50 lbs                     $36.50
  • Oranges                72                           $59.50
  • Broccoli Crowns  20 lbs                     $38.50
  • Potatoes                50 lbs                     $24.75
  • Beets                     25 lbs                     $24.50
  • Onions, Cooking  24x2lbs                  $36.50
  • Cabbage, Green   12                           $38.50
  • Bananas                40 lbs                     $44.50  

(Please note that the boxes on the landing leading into the Church are for cans and dried food only. We have donated about 15 lbs so far this year. The SMH rep will continue to bring these to SMH during the Fresh Food Drive.)  

FWP will keep a weight tally of our donated fresh food. The tally total will be announced at St John’s on March 19, the Sunday following the Drive!