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Worshipppers to Make Joyful Sounds of Praise

Worshippers attending services across the Diocese of Niagara will be making a joyful sound of praise on Sunday, November 7, as Bishop Susan Bell has put new ministry guidelines in effect as of  November 1, which, among other things, allow for congregational singing. 

It is acknowledged that singing remains a relatively high risk activity, however, given the generally low rates of infection and relatively high rates of vaccination in the community, advice has been received that this permission is appropriate at this time. 

In addition to this new permission, it will also be possible for programs for youth twelve years of age and older who are vaccinated to resume. In due time we will give consideration for what this will mean for us at SJE. Indoor activities for children under the age of twelve are still not permitted, however, with news that vaccines may soon be approved for this age group, there are encouraging signs that indoor children's programs may resume once these are in place.

We give thanks to God for the answer to our prayers for safe vaccinations and a way out of the pandemic which has so altered our lives in the past many months. We continue to encourage everyone to be vaccinated as the best defense agains COVID-19 infection and as a way of keeping our neighbours safe.