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 The Climate Justice Resource Centre has been developed as a follow-up to the Lenten book study group on Saving Us by Katharine Hayhoe, who is a Canadian Christian Climate Scientist.  

As Christians we know that God makes us stewards of this planet. In Genesis 1:29 we find our mandate. In Proverbs 8, Wisdom/Sophia is calling to us at the street corners imploring us to act or the consequences will be dire. In her book Katharine Hayhoe underlines that the science is clear:  climate change is caused by humans and immediate action is urgently needed to control and reverse it. According to Hayhoe the best first step is to talk about it. She says that, while individual efforts are important, they are not enough. We all need to come to the ‘Potluck Table’ - each sharing our knowledge and resources as best we can.  

I have volunteered to coordinate a collection of resource information to be posted in the Parish News and maintained on the church website.  

Most of us agree that there is a need to do something. What to do and how is where the conversation gets interesting. This initiative is a work in progress. People may respectfully disagree on some points and that is ok. We already have some wonderful resources to start the process.  

Here is a link to Katharine Hayoe’s TED Talk which beautify summarizes many of the points she makes in her book Saving Us :

For those who wish to start a collection of Climate Justice Resources, it this may also be found in the attached pdf on the website.  

Please send any resources you wish to share to me:   

Barbara Ruttan