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The Annual Vestry Meeting of the parish will take place on Sunday, February 16, 2020. The meeting will follow a potluck supper which will begin at 5PM in the Lidgey Room.

The Annual Vestry Meeting is the annual meeting of the parish. All persons over the age of sixteen, who attend worship at Saint John's, and support the parish ministry financially, are eligable to vote and are considered members of the Vestry. 

At the annual meeting ministry and financial reports are received and approved, and officers of the parish are elected. This meeting will also consider the Ministry Budget for 2020. This meeting will also be hearing about a project to renovate the chancel in the church proper and consider a related motion giving approval in principle. The full agenda and supporting documents, including the proposed budget, motions, financial statements, and an prelminary report of the nominations committee, are included in the Annual Report--with its addendum--which can be found here.

All people are welcome and everyone who makes Saint John's their spiritual home are encouraged to attend.