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Annual Vestry Meeting Preparations Begin

With the beginning of a new calendar year it is time for us to prepare for the parish Annual Vestry Meeting. The "Annual Vestry Meeting" is the annual general meeting of the parish. It is a time to receive our annual financial and ministry reports, to elect parish officers, and conduct other important business. It is a time to reflect and celebrate what has been accomplished in the past year and to plan for the upcoming year by setting our ministry budget.

If Saint John's is your church home, you attend worship here regularly and support the church financially, you are a member of Vestry and entitled to vote at our meeting. All people are welcome to attend. This year's Annual Meeting will again be held on the Zoom videoconference platform because of the ongoing pandemic.

The meeting will be held on Sunday, March 6, at 7PM.

In preparation for this meeting a fullsome written report is prepared and released before the meeting. All of the leaders of the various ministries of the parish are asked to provide a written report to be incorporated into this document. The deadline for submissions to is Sunday, February 6.