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  • The church will remain open for 30 minutes after the end of the services, so please
  • browse and borrow, then just
  • write your name, date, and book title in the notebook on the shelves in the library -- and please return the book within three weeks.  

Welcome to our very own library!  Check "tags," to discover our present sections and what we have in each section. 

This week's suggestion:    Get a Life!

Three autobiographies worth reading from the St John’s Library   Thanh Campbell’s autobiography, Orphan 32, is so called because he was the 32nd Vietnamese orphan loaded onto a Canadian plane to flee the country before Saigon fell. He tells the story not only of his escape, but of growing up in Hamilton, and searching for his Vietnamese birth family. Spoiler alert: it has a happy ending.  

If you would enjoy an autobiography that is funny, irreverent, and moving, sometimes all at the same time, try Anne Lamott’s Traveling Mercies. And if you decide you like her style, we also have her Plan B and Grace (Eventually).  

Henri Nouwen is perhaps the best-known Canadian Christian author ever! (Jenna and Michael’s little boy Henri is named for him.) Whether or not you know his writings, you can’t do better than read his journal, The Road to Daybreak. It tells of his first involvement with the L’Arche community in France and how it changed him, and then how he came to settle at the Daybreak L’Arche community in the north of Toronto.   


Earlier Recommendations

You have probably heard of C.S. Lewis, but have you read his books?  

Mere Christianity. Based on his radio broadcasts on the basics of Christian faith. Somewhat dated, but still lots of good stuff.    

The Screwtape Letters. Letters from a senior to a junior devil whose job it is to attack a Christian’s faith—both funny and wise.   

The Chronicles of Narnia series. if you’ve never read these now is the time to start. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood!   

But if you have—what about The Spirituality of Narnia: The Deeper Magic of C.S. Lewis by John Bowen, which explores the deep spirituality that underlies the Narnia stories.

Check out the library catalogue at "Tags" shows the book sections and you can look under "author" for C.S Lewis!  

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