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The Climate Justice Resource Centre has been developed as a follow-up to the Lenten book study group on Saving Us by Katharine Hayhoe, who is a Canadian Christian Climate Scientist.  As Christians we know that God makes us stewards of this planet. In Genesis 1:29 we find our mandate. In Proverbs 8, Wisdom/Sophia is calling to us at the street corners imploring us to act or the consequences will be dire.

I have volunteered to coordinate a collection of resource information to be posted in the Parish News and maintained on the church website.  Please send any resources you wish to share to me: Barbara Ruttan 

Resources Added on a regular basis:

June 19, 2022

 Here is a link recommended by Jenna Wilson.  It is a little clip of her Dad, Daryl Wilson, at the World Hydrogen summit a few weeks ago.  

Hydrogen Council - World Hydrogen Summit 2022 Daryl Wilson, Executive Director at the Hydrogen Council spoke with H2 View at the World Hydrogen Summit 2022, following his presentation on 'Global Hydrogen Industry: State of the Union' In the interview, Wilson discussed what is holding hydrogen back, certification, funding, hydrogen standards, European demand, trade and the challenges faced in achieving a hydrogen future Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on LinkedIn: 

June 12, 2022 

Why I’m Firing My Gas Stove, is an article recommended by Marg Wielding.  Brian and I have just ‘Fired our Gas Stove’ and installed an induction stove. We are thrilled with it, but it is costly and compatible pots are necessary. There are various stove models available. We chose the LG because it was recommended by Consumer Reports, it fit in with our other appliances and it was available.  

An induction cooktop uses electromagnetism to cause pots and pans to get hot. The cooktop heats the pots and pans directly instead of using a hot electric or gas element to heat the cookware.  It boils water up to 50 percent faster than gas or conventional electric and maintains a consistent and precise temperature. It is much more efficient and consequently uses less energy. 

June 5, 2022  Mask Recycling. The COVID-19 pandemic, declared March 15, 2020, has required the use of face masks, most of which are disposable. I have purchased a mask recycling box from Terracycle and placed it for everyone to use at the church entrance, just outside the office.  

May 22, 2022. Voting Strategically.  Anglican Diocese of Niagara   Elizabeth May was the guest speaker for the Bishop's Company event, hosted by Bishop Susan Bell.

According to the Diocese of Niagara website: “’Faith helps enormously,’ says Elizabeth May, a faithful Anglican, about its role and impact on her vocation as an environmental advocate and the parliamentary leader of the Green Party of Canada. ‘We have to pray’, she says, noting that we have a moral responsibility to save the Earth while we still can.”     

“Ontario citizens head to the polls on June 2 for our provincial election. How can we as Anglicans bring together our call to care for our neighbours and the earth with our provincial vote? We developed a great resource, in partnership with the Diocese of Toronto, that explores Anglican justice priorities in a non-partisan way and offers questions to ask of prospective candidates. Check it out here: During the election campaign, we invite you to engage in conversations with local candidates as well as your friends, neighbours and fellow parishioners. Pray, discern and vote!”       

Leslie Muirhead Suggested this link for the election: 

May 15, 2022.  Voting Strategically

The Ontario election is on for June 2, 2022. Our vote is a great opportunity to make a significant difference in the climate crisis.  According to Mark Jaccard, we need to be voting strategically to defeat “insincere-climate politicians”. An insincere-climate politician is one who fails to pass policies that put a price on carbon pollution or enacts regulations that phase out the use of coal, gasoline and diesel.   Here is the video link to explain why:  

May 2, 2022Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, 2017/ Paul Hawken Editor, is a book recommended by Norm Newberry.   

“Eighty of the solutions analyzed are in place, well understood and are scaling. What our 70-person global research team did was measure the impact the solutions would have if they continued to scale in a rigorous but reasonable way, and what the cost and profits would be.” – Paul Hawken,   

This PDF links to a more recent follow-up to the book and is a comprehensive outline of the program: a modern, intensely practical, account of the stewardship of Creation.  

April 27, 2022The Citizen's Guide to Climate Success by Mark Jaccard is a book recommended by John Loukidelis.   Katherine Hayhoe says: “If you have ever wondered what it will take to fix climate change, this book offers the facts, the analysis, and ultimately, the clarity we need to understand fully the challenges that confront us and the solutions that will lead us to a better future.” The book and his videos are well worth your time.   Here is a link to a wonderful interview with Mark Jaccard based on his book. For shorter videos based on specific topics, scrawl down to the bottom of this link:  With an election imminent in Ontario, Mark shares his views on how to identify a climate sincere politician in this video. 

April 20, 2022. Here is a link to Katharine Hayoe’s TED Talk which beautify summarizes many of the points she makes in her book Saving Us.

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