Getting married

If you are planning to get married, congratulations! Marriage is a special calling.

People may have a number of different reasons for thinking about a church wedding, even if they do not currently regularly attend any church. Perhaps you are thinking that you might want to get married at Saint John's. You don't have to be a member to have your wedding here. We would be honoured and glad to help you make this very important step in your lives. We offer a Christian wedding to all persons who qualify to be married civilly in the Province of Ontario.

The following guidelines are offered if you are thinking of a church wedding.

"Christian Marriage" and Baptism

Because getting married in a church automatically implies a Christian wedding and the Christian concept of marriage, normally at least one, if not both of the parties getting married, will be a baptised Christian. It does not matter in which Christian denomination you were baptised. If one or both parties are not baptised, you may want to discuss with the priest the possibility of making this commitment prior to your marriage.


People who have been legally divorced can remarry in the Anglican Church with a valid marriage license.

Marriage Preparation

The church believes that all couples should prepare for marriage with a marriage preparation course. The priest who is marrying you may agree to offer such a course privately, or may be able to enrol you with a group of couples who are preparing at the same time. Alternatively, you may be able to arrange a marriage preparation course through another provider, such as a marriage counsellor or an organisation such as Engaged Encounter.


The church collects no fee for marriage preparation, but offers it as its ministry to you. In some cases there is a small cost for materials. 

The customary fee for wedding ceremony at Saint John's is $450. In addition, it is customary that a donation of $300 be given to the church. A receipt for income tax purposes is given and issued in January for any donation. Additional fees will be required for any musicians arranged for through the church.

In the case of a wedding in the chapel without guests and the minimum of witnesses, a wedding can be arranged without fee.

Contact Us

Again, these are guidelines. If you need further information or would like to discuss a particular situation, please call the church at 905-522-0602. Ask to speak to the Rector. You can also leave a message by voice mail at any time.