Ministry opportunties

We are always looking for ways to encourage people to use their God-given gifts and abilities. The church itself always has needs for people to contribute to its common life. The following are some of the current ministry opportunties at Saint John's. Links are to ministry descriptions that can also be found here on this website.


  • Acolytes or servers assist the clergy with the conduct of worship.
  • Sacristy Guild members. We have a need for people to assist with the set-up of the sacred vessels, bread and wine, and other items need for the conduct of worship. Sacristy Guild members can set up between services or on the Friday or Saturday prior to the Sunday.
  • Children's Church Teachers. Teachers play in important role in the life of our children. This ministry occurs on Sunday mornings during the Discovery and Choral Services.
  • Audio and/or Visual Technicians. The audio and visuals desks are separate but beside each other at Saint John's. Technicians receive training and are scheduled on a rota. 

Contact the rector if you are interested in serving

Please contact the rector if you are interested in serving in any of these positions. He will put you in touch. Many thanks.