The Church of Saint John the Evangelist built Artaban Place as an affordable housing project in the 1990's. Today, Artaban Non-profit Homes is run by an independent Board of Directors. It continues to serve the needs of our neighbourhood and its vulnerable citizens. 

Our Mission Statement. The mission of Artaban Non-Profit Homes Inc. is to respond to God’s call to love and serve one another by establishing and operating housing for people who are in need of supported housing by nature of a disability, income level or other special need.

We are committed to ensuring physical adaptations that are appropriate to people’s needs and that enable everyone to live in a state of dignity and self-esteem. Artaban Non-Profit Homes Inc. seeks to establish a culture which is welcoming and in which the discovery of strengths and individual worth is affirmed and promoted.

Artaban, through its co-operative management, will foster community life in which acceptance, equality, personal worth and shared contributions are experienced, and in which interdependence among all participants is given and appreciated.