Allergy Policy

We understand that many people who attend worship, concerts, or other programmes at Saint John's may have allergies. We also understand the reality that because of the many people who come through our building at any given time we cannot guarentee that our premises will be allergen free. We are committed, however, to be senstive to the needs of those who suffer from various enviromental and food allergies, and so we ask those who use our buiilding to refrain from bringing the following known allergens affecting others who attend here into the building:

  • peanuts;
  • latex;
  • perfumes and other scents.

Incense is very occasionally used in our liturgies (the last Sunday before Lent, the last Sunday before Advent, Ascension Day, Evensong). When incense is to be used we will clearly indicate that we will be doing so in advance.