The Venerable Dr. David Anderson
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Here at Saint John's we have been praying for a family of three women who are fleeing violence in Iran. They have been living in Turkey, and through the intervention of Bishop David Hamid, the (Anglican) Bishop of Europe, their case has come to our attention. 

In partnership with other parishes in Hamilton, Saint John's will be sponsoring these women in their quest to come to safety in Canada. We had been told that these cases can take a year or more to make there way.

We heard on Tuesday, January 28, however, that this case seems to be proceeding quickly through the Canadian beaurocracy and that the family has an interview with Canadian officials booked for mid-February. Medical checks are being arranged and the family and their Turkish supporters have been given the impression that all that remains are the necessary formalities since their case is "open and shut."

All of this means that we will need to get busy! Very soon we will be holding a town hall meeting for all of those who are interested in playing a role on a large team of support. Members of our wider community are most welcome to join us in this work. There is no requirement for people to share our religious commitments; we are glad to partner with all people of good will who care about the common good of humanity.

Donations to our refugee fund are most welcome. Click on the button below for online giving directly to our "Refugee Sponsorship" fund. Funds given to this fund will be used exclusively for refugee sponsorship (each and every dollar). 

Look for more information coming soon. In the meantime, keep praying.