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Whether you have been at St. John's since Christmas or the cradle; whether you feel you belong or are figuring that out; whether you sit in a pew or in committees; your reflections will help in our planning and process. Picking our next priest will affect you.  "You" are part of "we, us, our" .

The diocese has a process which is new to most of us, but not new to Anglican churches in Niagara. 

Please think about these questions in preparation for our meeting on Sunday.  Please come on Sunday! 10am!  

This is the list of questions the Diocese of Niagara requires us to answer.  It is the first of seven steps in the Check List for Parish Profile.  (The Parish Profile is the document we create, and then provide to the Bishop, who then invites candidates to apply.) 

 Parish Profile Check List:  

1. Hopes and Dreams

  • What do you consider to be your parish’s part in God’s mission?
  •  How is the parish engaged in pursuing the diocesan vision for ministry?
  • What is special about your parish?
  • What are the main issues and concerns your parish in pursuing its part in God’s mission?
  • What is your parish’s main focus at the present time?
  • What plans (mission, vision, strategic plan, less formal plans) do you have for the future?
  • What is the climate in the parish at the present time?
  • What are the identified priorities in future clergy leadership amongst surveyed Exploring Clergy Role Expectations?" 

 We would also like to invite you to hold our church, its leadership and our future priest in your prayers.  The prayer above is also included in the Diocese documents for Parochial Committees.

Please contact a member of Parochial Committee if you have questions.  The Parochial Committee is: the wardens, our Interim Priest, and our Archdeacon as well as two alternate Lay delegates to synod.  

 Submitted by Co-Chairs Graham Cubitt and Margaret Wilding.