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Financial Update Received

The special Vestry meeting of Sunday, September 18, heard a report of the deficit of finances year to date and predicted for the year end. The deficit to the end of August was more than $37k and was anticipated to grow by another $30k. Reduced offerings for ministry since the pandemic are one reason for this deficit. Another are unplanned, but essential capital repairs around the building, including the refurbishment of the north fire exit and repairs to the main lift.

There was a healthy discussion concerning opportunities for building rentals, parish fundraising, as well as savings are available within the approved Ministry Budget from the last Annual Vestry Meeting.

Actions of the Vestry

The special Vestry meeting ...

  • approved the proposed Ministry Budget for the fourth quarter of 2022;
  • authorized a draw from the Endowment Fund, not to exceed $50k; and,
  • called for Capital Campaign with the goal of raising $30k to cover needed captial repairs, where all funds raised will be used to replenish the draw from the Endowment Fund.

Campaign to be Planned

The parish corporation will be meeting this week to begin the work of carrying out the ideas and plans from this meeting. Further news will be available in the days ahead.

Early Participation in Capital Campaign

In the meantime, we are happy to share that within twenty minutes of the conclusion of the Special Vestry meeting, $6,000 had been given or pledged towards the new capital campaign. As we begin we are already 20% towards our goal! Thank you to our generous parishioners who have got us started. Let us join together to make this campaign a success and let us build back stronger as we move through our parish transition and engage in our new parish Mission Action Plan.

If you would like to be an early participant in this campaign, you can e-transfer your gift to, bring or mail a personal cheque to the church, or give online here. Thank you.