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General Expectations for the Time of Transition

You have probably heard by now that our rector, The Venerable Dr. David Anderson, has resigned as the rector of the Church of St. John the Evangelist and will begin a new ministry at St. Jude's, Oakville, on October 1. This means, of course, that St. John's will soon be looking to call a priest to be the the new rector of St. John's. Here is a little outline of the process involved.

Appointment of Interim Priest-in-Charge

The appointment of clergy within the Diocese of Niagara is at the pleasure of the bishop. Bishop Susan's office has already been in touch with our churchwardens to ask them about our needs for the interim clergy support. Before October 1, Bishop Susan will announce the appointment of an interim Priest-in-Charge who will lead Sunday services and work with the churchwardens throughout the interim period.

The Interim Period

The interim period begins on October 1, when David's resignation becomes effective, and will continue until the bishop has appointed a new rector. We should expect that the bishop will ask St. John's to complete a number of transition tasks in preparation for the consideration of a new appointment. Our new Parish Mission Action plan will contribute to that work, however, we may wish to give further consideration and prayer regarding our future with a longer view. Having depended our discernment for the future, a parish profile will be written that will tell the story of St. John's and the type of leader that we seek as a new rector.

Search Process

Once Bishop Susan has received our parish profile, she will begin the search for appropriate candidates. This normally involves posting the position and inviting applications. It often involves the bishop approaching clergy that she believes would be appropriate to the role.

Interview Process

Bishop Susan will give a list of appropriate candidates to our Parish Parochial Committee whom they may interview in order to make their recommendation to the bishop regarding her appointment. The Parochial Committeee is required to keep this process confidential. The Committee is comprised of the churchwardens, together with the lay delegates to synod. The present members are Bonnie Munn, Deborah Bowen, Michael Bowering, Mary Donkin, and Margaret Wilding.

Appointment of Rector

Once Bishop Susan has received the recommendation of the parochial committee, she will proceed to offer the position to the candidate, and the details are all worked out by her office. At an appropriate date, and announcement of the new appointment is made. The new rector is welcomed and the transition continues.