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Parish Council met on Tuesday, February 22.

Ministry Budget for 2022 Endorsed

The main item of business was to review the Ministry Budget for 2022 that had been recommended by the Corporation. Parish Council suggested some minor amendments which were happily received and the amended document was endorsed unanimously by the Council.

Report of Volunteer Resources Working Group Received

A small group of volunteers working with the Stewardship Committee has produced a comprehensive report detailing the resources available and best practices for parish volunteer management. The report of the working group was gratefully and formally received by the Parish Council at its recent meeting and will now be reviewed by members of council in preparation for fuller discussion at their next meeting. The Parish Council wishes to thank Kate Connelly and Emily Hill (Co-Chairs of the Working Group) and members Adrienne Devins, Clare Fiala, Sharon Klassen, Luke Lima, and Cathy Tell.