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The leadership team for our parish Mission Action Plan process has held its first meeting.

Our mission action plan will emerge from a series of meetings to which all parishioners will be invited and encouraged to attend.

These meetings will comprise a kind of holy conversation around three important topics:

  • Adult Christian formation
  • Parish culture
  • Life in the neighbourhood

The leadership team is responsible to organise the parish gatherings, provide facilitation and note-taking, and to feedback the conversation for further assessment, agreement, and action. Members of the team are Kate Connelly,  Graham Cubbit, Emily Hill, Tom Hubschmid, Bonnie Munn, Bryan Webber, and David Anderson.

Parish leaders, including our churchwardens, Parish council members, and Stewardship Team, have all endorsed this process and encourage all parishioners to participate fully.

Next steps include a meeting between the team and our Parish Council at their next meeting. Soon after the team will begin the work of planning the parish conversations. Parishioners should expect to hear about how they can participate in the near future.

Our rector, David Anderson, spoke of the hope of this process. 

God is at work on our world. We find great meaning and purpose in our lives when we find a way to join in that work. Discerning where God is at work and how we can join in is critical. Discernment happens best as a communal process. We can have confidence that when we pray, listen, agree, choose, plan, and act together, the Holy Spirit will guide us.