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From the Parish Corporation

Dear friends,

As rector and churchwardens, we are writing with an update on the parish financial situation. By the end of July parish finances for the year were in a deficit of $28,000 even though budgeted draws from both our Endowment Fund and our Rectory Fund Growth have taken place as scheduled.

In addition to the deficit accumulated to date, capital repairs that have been postponed have now become urgent. These include the replacement of the north fire escape stairs and the repair of the hydraulic pump that operates the main lift. These repairs alone could cost upwards of $25,000.

Various circumstances have contributed to the situation we find ourselves in. The continued effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are foremost. Increased giving that was anticipated with renewed church attendance at this stage of the pandemic has not been realized. The commitment to increased expense, especially related to personnel and new programs, were predicated on the assumption of renewed attendance, program participation, and increased giving by early 2022. 

We are not alone in this predicament. Many churches face the challenge of the changed attendance, volunteer, and giving patterns that the pandemic has brought. Throughout the pandemic we have learned to “pivot.” Its time for us to pray and think about how God may be calling us to pivot again.

Here is what we propose for moving forward. First, as a rector and churchwardens we are calling a Special Vestry Meeting for Sunday, September 18, 2PM by Zoom videoconference, to consider a proposal for an amended Ministry Budget for the period of October 1 through December 31.

Second, as individuals let us continue to encourage one another through this time of transition in our parish to maximize our participation in Sunday worship, (which will return to its regular, pre-pandemic schedule); volunteering, especially in our renewed commitment to children’s ministry; and participation in the elements of our newly discerned Mission Action Plan. 

Third, let us each prayerfully consider our how we ourselves can more fully participate in parish life, through regular participation in worship, stewardship of our time and finances, and prayer support. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Deborah Bowen, Michael Bowering, Bonnie Munn, Mary Donkin, churchwardens
David Anderson, rector