Parish News, Church of Saint John the Evangelist
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Dear friends,

In our Sunday 11am services, we are blessed with a gifted, hard-working choir, and an organist and choir director who both embodies, and encourages in others, those same qualities, if ever so humbly.

Our Sundays 11am services conclude with an instrumental Postlude, played at the organ, to which our choir and ministers process out of the church space.

My friends, if you should attend the Sunday 11am Choral Eucharist, please do not disregard the Postlude, a musical offering to God, by talking in anything but a quiet voice -until it is finished.

If you really need to speak any louder, may I ask you that you kindly find your way out of the nave, at least until the whole of the service -Postlude and all- is truly concluded.

With thanks,