A Holy Conversation

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Announcement and Call to a Holy Conversation

On August 6 we announced that our parish would be entering into a "holy conversation" about our future direction, ministry, and mission priorities as we seek to engage more fully in God's redemptive work in our lives, in our neighbourhood, and in our world.

Over the past year our parish leadership was impressed in a number of ways of the need for such a conversation to be undertaken in prayer, seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and listening to one another and our neighbours for God's prompting.

Parish Council begins the work of selecting a leadership team

At their October meeting Parish Council began the work of selecting a small leadership group of approximately seven people to help drive a process that will invite broad participation by our entire community. Please pray for our parish leadership and for all of us as we prepare, that we will be open to God's leading and deeper faithfulness in our participation in the life of God.

Terms of Reference and Ministry Description

The terms of reference for the Coordinating Team are posted here.

The ministry description can be found here

Members of the Coordinating Team Announced

On Sunday, November 18 the rector announced that the following persons had accepted the invitation to participate in the Coordinating Team that will lead our parish in its holy conversation. The members are: John Bowen, Gillian Doucet Campbell, Mary Donkin, Beth Green, Bev Kukhta-Jackson, and Sue Newbery. The rector will also participate in the team. Please pray for the team as they begin their work and plan to lead us in a time of discernment.

Coordinating Team Begins Work

On Monday, January 7 the coordinating team for our Holy Conversation had its first meeting and will continue its work towards focusing this conversation for the parish. The team concluded its meeting by agreeing to highlight the call to prayer for the parish. 

Loving God, we come to you in prayer to ask for wisdom, strength, and courage as we seek to be your faithful disciples together at the Church of Saint John the Evangelist. We seek your will and way for our lives and life together. Help us in this Holy Conversation to hear your word and be shaped by the good news of your reign. Help us to hear your call as we listen to one another and our neighbours. Help us discern where you are already at work and bless us with imagination for what you seek to do. Give us grace to join you in mission and to minister in your name to all who need your love and care. We ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The First Round of the Holy Conversation has Begun

Our first round of discussions have begun, from which we hope to find some areas to focus our conversation in the future. A good number and variety of parishioners attended meetings that followed the Early, Discovery, and Choral Services on Sunday, June 2. The coordinating committee would like to hear from more people and so a second event, reviewing the same questions as June 2, will happen following the Summer Service (11AM) on Sunday, July 14. Beth Green will again be the facilitator. 

Watch this space in the coming months for more news of this holy conversation.