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8:15AM | Early Service, Holy Eucharist, Book of Common Prayer, in Chapel of Saint Michael and Saint George. Presiding Celebrant and Preacher: The Reverend Canon Dr. Brian Ruttan.

9:30AM | Discovery Service, a less formal service with music by our house worship band, a relevant message, and Holy Eucharist, in the Church Proper, nave altar. There is a children's programme. Presiding Celebrant: The Rector; Preacher: The Reverend Canon Dr. Brian Ruttan.

11AM | Choral Service, Choral Holy Eucharist celebrated at the high altar, the Parish Choir, organ and piano, in the best of the classic Anglican choral and liturgical traditions. There is a children's programme. Setting: "The Salisbury Service" (Ives). Anthem: TBA. Motet: TBA. Voluntaries: TBA. Presiding Celebrant: The Rector; Preacher: The Reverend Canon Dr. Brian Ruttan.

Sermon Series: "God on the Move." A sermon series for the Sundays in Lent and Easter Day. 

Image: "Christ Lamenting over Jerusalem" (1847), Sir Charles Lock Eastlake, 1793–1865, oil on canvas. Tate collection, New York. Used by permission under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial ShareAlike 3.0 License.)